Web-based GIS of Plovdiv Municipality
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Web-based GIS of Plovdiv Municipality

It provides visualization, searching, identifying, generating reports and printing maps and geographic and attribute information for objects in many areas:
•   Municipal Economy: Advertising units, Concession contracts, Trading sites, Plots for open consumption, Parkings;
•   Transport: Bus/trolley lines, Shuttle lines, Bus stops, Taxi stands, Traffic lights, Road signs, Fences railings, Speed limiters, Blue zone areas, Parking Lots;
•   Sports Facilities: Stadiums, sports halls, a playground with sports facilities, bicycle paths, sports fields;
•   Ecology: Irrigation systems, Fountains and drinking fountains: Green systems, Activities in green systems (orders of removal or pruning of trees), Playgrounds for dogs, Zoo, Noise maps;
•   Municipal Institutions: Hospitals, Kindergartens;